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District Junior Leader Training

Districts play a vital role in junior leadership development.  They can provide an environment for boys and young men to come together from many different outposts and backgrounds and learn to work together and fine-tune leadership skills.  They can also provide instruction in specialized skills local leaders may not be able to offer.

Pre-Academy Camps

These training events are designed to help prepare boys for Junior Academy camps. They are not a pre-requisite for Junior Leaders Training Academy attendance.


Discovery Training Camp (DTC) is a district camp for boys in Discovery Rangers, which could be run at the section level.  The focus will be on team building through the patrol method. It can be held in either a camping environment or church facility.

ATC Adventure Training Camp (ATC) is for boys in Adventure Rangers.  It is a district camp, which could be run at the section level, to focus on activities and events related to camping skills. Boys learn by doing a variety of camping skills.


Junior Leaders Training Academy

The Junior Leaders Training Academy (JLTA) is a program for equipping junior leaders with a variety of outdoor skills as well as encouraging leadership, teamwork, and personal development. For information concerning the JLTA events available in your area, contact your district director. The following is a current list of the JLTA events endorsed by the national Royal Rangers ministry:

Junior Training Camp (JTC) is for boys in seventh grade and above. This camp trains boys in camping techniques and outpost leadership and is conducted in an outdoor setting. Trainees are divided into patrols that camp together, eat together, and function as units throughout the camp. Training emphasizes camp craft techniques, and team-building skills, giving boys the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. In addition, each trainee receives a workbook at the beginning of the camp to complete while at the camp.

Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) is for boys who have completed JTC and have finished eighth grade. Boys are taught skills that build upon what they learned at JTC. Emphasis is on advanced camping and leadership skills. The camp has a similar format to JTC, with the added responsibility of assisting with JTC training. Each trainee is given a workbook to complete and use at the camp.

Junior Training Trails (JTT) is available to boys who have completed Advanced JTC and have finished ninth grade. They will spend much of their time on the trail learning and developing backpacking skills in classes such as Trail Camping, Low Impact Camping, Emergency First Aid, Map and Compass, and Rescue Techniques. Instruction is based on the green Backpacking Merit. Patrols will camp and work together. Participants will carry their gear and food in packs and will share in tasks and leadership responsibilities. They will live in tents and cook their meals. They will be given many opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned about living on the trail.

Junior Canoe Expedition (JCE) is for those boys who want to learn more advanced canoeing skills as well as how to conduct canoe trips. Boys must have attended Advanced JTC and have finished the ninth grade. Topics to be studied include water-related first aid, swimming safety, canoe safety, waterproofing of gear, canoe care, portaging, and conducting council fires. After attending classes the first day, trainees and staff will set out on a water expedition. During this time they have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the green Canoeing Merit. Expeditions are divided into groups, because often there is a restriction on the number of campers at each campsite.


Junior Missions Camp (JMC) prepares the boys for home and world missions construction projects. Boys must have attended an Advanced JTC and have completed the ninth grade. Classes range from building walls to witnessing. Witnessing skills are taught and put to use in a visit to a local community or another ministry opportunity. Boys are taught fundamental construction skills to enable them to attend a missions trip.


Junior Survival Camp (JSC) is designed to give boys training and experience in survival camping. Attendees will have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the silver Wilderness Survival Merit. The time at JSC will be divided between instruction and application.  Boys are placed into two-man survival teams. Boys learn skills such as advanced fire craft, primitive beds and shelters, outdoor cooking, and first aid. Teams will construct and live in survival shelters also.


Junior Winter Camp (JWC) is for those boys who wish to learn more about winter camping. Boys will have had to complete Advanced JTC and the ninth grade to attend. Boys are taught the fundamentals of cold weather camping. Safety precautions and skills are taught in evening ,and some daytime, sessions. Classes and activities include tobogganing, winter shelters, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and avalanche safety.  During this time they will have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the silver Winter Camping Merit.

Post Academy Camps

These camps are available to young men who have graduated from the Junior Leaders Training Academy.


EJLC Elite Junior Leadership Camp (Elite JLC) is a post-academy camp. A boy must have graduated from the Junior Leadership Training Academy and have finished tenth grade. Each district chooses the camp program for Elite JLC that best suits the needs of the boys in its district.  Possible camps include Drill and Ceremony, Pageantry, and Advanced Search and Rescue.
JA Junior Academy trains men and boys to operate a Junior Leadership Academy. Leaders and boys meet certain criteria before attending. Trainees will be taught the organizational skills needed to run a district Junior Leadership Training Academy. Upon graduation, trainees will be eligible to serve on the staff of Junior Training Camps. Further information can be obtained through the district commander or the national Royal Rangers ministry.


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