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Town Hall Meeting with Doug Marsh

Royal Rangers has been an excellent ministry for nearly 50 years, and God is preparing us to impact “more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever.”  In the fall of 2009, a diverse group of Royal Rangers leaders, parents, and pastors gathered in Springfield, Missouri to listen to National Director Doug Marsh on the future of Royal Rangers.  This important meeting, held in a town hall format, gave leaders the opportunity to hear from Doug and ask questions.  Now you, too, can listen in on this important discussion.

Broken into six sessions, this meeting can be viewed here online or downloaded for offline viewing by clicking here.  By listening to these sessions, and reading the Seek & Save vision document, you will be well-informed on the exciting journey God is taking this important ministry.


To view these videos in full screen mode, click the icon to the right of the slider bar in the video player.  To download these videos for viewing offline, visit our Resources page.


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Session 1 - Introduction



Session 2A - Curriculum (part 1)



Session 2B - Curriculum (part 2)



Session 3 - Training



Session 4 - Products



Session 5 - Summary



For More Information

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