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Our MENTORS and Curriculum

Royal Rangers' success is attributable to its dedicated mentors, called commanders or group leaders, who forge boys and young men (K-12) into exceptional men and lifelong servant leaders.

Their Leadership

Royal Rangers commanders lead the following groups that churches may sponsor to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders:

  • Ranger Kids- Lower elementary (K-2)
  • Discovery Rangers- Upper elementary (3-5)
  • Adventure Rangers- Middle school (6-8)
  • Expedition Rangers-High school (9-12)

Their Curriculum

Mentors are equipped with easy to use world-class resources-weekly meeting guides and activity-based lessons-that inspire and enable them to lead skillfully boys and young men on an unforgettable journey, culminating in many attaining their groups' top recognition.

  • Ranger Kids-Gold Trail Award
  • Discovery Rangers-Gold Eagle
  • Adventure Rangers-Gold Medal of Achievement
  • Expedition Rangers-Activities, Service, Leadership, or Advancement medals
  • Honor Gold Medal of Achievement-for young men who earn the top medal in all four groups! (starting in 2010)

Each group has unique age appropriate resources. View these curriculum samples.  All our curricular resources are available in the online Ranger Superstore for your convenience.



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