Chartering & Tithing

It’s chartering season, which for many people is as sensitive of a topic as tithing. Start talking about tithe and watch people fidget. I tithe because I’m blessed to be a Christian. I tithe because it’s a small thing God asks of me and because I demonstrate my appreciation for God’s overwhelming gift. I tithe because I love the Church and because it’s one way I do my part to keep it open, active, and making a difference. I tithe because as a follower of Christ my integrity demands it. I find that chartering is a little like tithing! Chartering is like tithing because...

Like the tithe supports and funds the local church, chartering funds the Royal Rangers ministry. We know that without the tithe the local church would struggle to stay open. Chartering is the financial engine to fund the ministry of Royal Rangers. Without it, the ministry would not be able to function. Chartering funds are divided up three ways. Of each person’s charter fee, $1 goes to underwrite our national campground, $3 go to the district to fund that district’s Royal Rangers ministry, and the remaining $7 are used to support the administration and operations of the Royal Rangers national office.

Like tithing is how I do my financial part in the local church, chartering is how I do my financial part in Royal Rangers. Churches aren’t just spiritual; they also have physical needs, such as rent, utilities, and administration. I would feel like a free loader sitting in church every week enjoying the ministries and blessings of being part of the church without doing my financial part to make it all possible for someone who needed it. Chartering isn’t just what you get; it’s doing your part financially to ensure the ministry and its outreach continues for others.

Like tithing has blessings for the individual, chartering also has blessings for those who do it. I have experienced many blessings because I tithe. Appliances kept working long past when they should have, finances stretched supernaturally, favor opened opportunities beyond the natural. Chartering may not release spiritual blessings; however, there are blessings. Curriculum is $33 a year instead of $300 or more as in many programs. Medals and merits, events, trainings, and many other parts of Royal Rangers would be considerably more if they had to make up the finances of chartering. Proverbs 10:9 says, “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely...” Is it possible there are spiritual blessings to chartering as well?

Like tithing isn’t enforced in the local church, chartering isn’t enforced either. Tithing is critical to the church. It’s God’s plan to fund His ministry. The church doesn’t enforce tithing instead leaving it between you and God. Not tithing is stealing from God and the ministry. Those who walk in obedience experience the blessings in their personal lives as well as their churches. Chartering likewise is critical to Royal Rangers. It’s a requirement to have a Royal Rangers outpost. If one isn’t chartering, is it possible to experience full blessings and favor in the local outpost and church? What if the work and sacrifice of leaders every week could be increased? Obedience is better than sacrifice. Is it worth missing God’s best to save the charter fee of $11/boy?

Like the tithe ensures ministry can happen to those who need Christ, chartering ensures the ministry and mentoring of Royal Rangers can reach boys who need it. Ministries without money eventually cease. Chartering ensures the ministry continues so that boys in our culture without fathers or godly role models have men and models to learn what God’s plan and design is for them. Please be sure you are doing your part it really isn’t much different than tithing!