Catapult 700 Recap

January 17, 2019

As Catapult700 is finalized, it is with a certain amount of amazement that I anticipate the final report on our Master’s Toolbox giving for Royal Rangers. Two years ago, we launched what seemed to be a massive undertaking at the time—raising enough money to launch 700 new outposts in East Africa. In order to start these outposts, the foundational elements of curriculum and training needed to be addressed.

To meet this goal, curriculum was going to have to be translated into Swahili, the native language of 4000 Assemblies of God churches in Kenya, and a training center to equip leaders and commanders needed to be finished. In addition to training leaders, this training facility would also serve as a bridging center where boys would transition into manhood. These two areas would be the tip of the spear that would facilitate the expansion of Royal Rangers outposts throughout Kenya. It was determined that in order to translate curriculum, finish the training center, and launch the 700 outposts it would take $429 per outpost.

As the Catapult700 campaign spread, Royal Rangers outposts, churches, even district kids’ camps stepped up to meet the need. Many outposts committed to launching a new outpost for $429. It was amazing to watch as boys got excited about giving to reach others. What they thought would take a year to raise was collected in under two months, and suddenly, they raised money for two more outposts! One district, South Texas, raised over $25,000 at their annual Rangers camp. Ohio district decided to raise money for Catapult700 in their kids’ camps and gave $10,000. Stories began pouring in as boys and men across the nation discovered the blessing of giving and were energized to impact others.

This past November a Pathfinder team of Rangers, men, and women from across the US, took a final trip to Kenya to complete the work on the training center. It’s been exciting to watch the work progress over the past two years. Because of efforts from Catapult700, it is now completed and ready for use.

The training center consists of a central training area, which can be divided into classrooms and eating areas. Additionally, it has two large dorm style rooms that can sleep 40 people each. All the interior rooms of the center have tiled floors and painted walls. After the Pathfinder team was there in the spring of 2018, electricity was added and the 80 beds, begun last March, were finished with mattresses, sheets, and blankets. Curtains were added to the windows. As our team was leaving Kenya, the first boys were arriving at the center for a week-long rite of passage.

Curriculum translation is progressing. As it is released, outposts will be launched. Over the next year, stay connected as we continue to report and celebrate new outposts being opened as a result of the heart of Rangers across the USA.