New Products for 2019

January 17, 2019

I am excited about the new items coming out for Royal Rangers. We have new garments, new promotional items, and new awards and recognition items. Of course, we can’t forget the new Ranger Derby Kit. This promises to be one of the most extensive new releases of Royal Rangers products in quite some time.

Some have asked why change the Ranger Derby Kit. Our goal was to make something better. One challenge we have faced for some time has been not all derby kits were created equal. To level the field of competition, some districts have ruled only one specific kit can be used for boys’ competition. Now there is no need since the new Ranger Derby Kit is just as fast out of the package as other kits. Another benefit is the ease with which a boy can assemble the kit. In the past, boys have struggled to assemble the axels, screws, and wheels. Now a boy can tap the nail into the provided slot through the wheel, and he is done. The kit also offers a small info flyer about Royal Rangers. This makes using Ranger Derby even easier as an outreach in your community.

With the release of the Royal Rangers ring last year, there are now new options. Added to the Royal Rangers emblem option is the FCF symbol and GMA award. You can also purchase new trophies, plaques, and other recognition items all customized with Royal Rangers logos and your custom engraving. The new awards and recognition are just one more way we are trying to help the local Royal Rangers leader.

The new Cut-and-Chop card for the Tool Craft merit will be in the new catalog. Some would say that’s not new, and they are right. Back by popular demand is the Cut-and-Chop card. But that’s not all. We have the follow new products coming out: a stainless-steel carbineer mug, a geocaching coin, a rose wood handle buck knife, a Royal Rangers crystal challenge coin, and the FCF advancement medallions. You can now display your FCF advancement level in an attractive way on your FCF outfit. Then, of course, you can’t forget the “brightest” one on the list—the Royal Rangers mini LED lantern.

Wait! We saved the best for last. The new garments coming out this year are something to get excited about. The long sleeve heather Royal Rangers t-shirt is amazing. It is soft and warm and looks great. A new Royal Rangers belt with the logo on the buckle will be a great addition to your Rangers gear. For the other new garments, you will have to get the new Royal Rangers catalog coming out in the next few weeks. You don’t want to miss it.