Let's Spread the Word About National Camporama!

May 31, 2019

Do you know what makes Royal Rangers so effective? Leaders like you! Leaders who go above and beyond and get the job done. Thanks for living and leading with excellence.

Camporama will be here before you know it. That’s why we’ve started early in spreading the word and getting people registered. Here’s what you need to know today for a low-stress Camporama planning cycle.

1. Promotional packets have mailed. The promotional packets contain posters, applications, medical forms, and more. These go to every outpost in the US. If these go to someone at your church other than you, please contact him/her now to be on the lookout for this information. If you don’t want to wait for the mailing, you can find the same resources on the Camporama Downloads page. Please become familiar with the content and start sharing the planning load now.

2. The part-time volunteer information is now available. (Visit the Camporama Volunteers page for details.) An effective Camporama happens only when we have hundreds of leaders like you who invest their time to help make the experience amazing for the boys. There is a variety of volunteer positions available. We ask each adult to volunteer for at least two 4-hour shifts during the week, which helps ensure every leader carries a small part and can enjoy the event along with their boys. You can sign up for your days of service during the registration process.

3. The full-time volunteer request form is now live. (Take the survey now.) An effective Camporama happens only when we have leaders like you invest their time to help make the experience amazing for the boys. Visit the survey page to see a list of positions available and sign up today for where you want to serve.

4. Hit the Hat Pin Jackpot! Have you ever wanted to have a complete set of regional hat pins? If you have, you just might be in luck. We will be randomly selecting twenty (20) registered attendees by July 31st, 2019, to receive a complete set on day 1 of Camporama. To be eligible for this nearly impossible set of pins to collect, simply register for Camporama before the end of July. Winners will be announced in mid-August. The pins will delivered to the winning attendees once they arrive at camp.

5. Like and Share - Camporama is best when everyone attends. To help encourage people to attend, please like and share every post on social media from your region, district, or the national office. If you can tag your friends and leaders in the post, it will help ensure they see the information. The National Royal Rangers Ministry Facebook community is one of the best places to join the conversation.

Thanks for all you to do share Jesus with the boys in your church.