National Shooting Sports Program

May 29, 2019

The National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) is an affiliate program of Royal Rangers and was launched in 2001. Our mission is to support Royal Rangers while promoting a safe and rewarding shooting sports experience for all.

We encourage local outposts to participate in our NRA sponsored postal matches that run January 1–October 31 each year. Outposts can host their own postal matches or participate in sectional/divisional, district, regional, or national (only at National Camporama) postal matches. Contact your district or region to find out more information about the events in your area.

The BB gun and air rifle postal matches are exclusively for boys (under age 18). Archery (compound and traditional), small bore .22 rifle, trap, and black powder postal matches are open to both boys and men. We encourage outposts to get involved in these postal matches because they are lots of fun and provide a mentoring opportunity where men and boys are learning shooting sports skills together. The postal matches also offer the chance for national recognition from the NRA and from Royal Rangers.

To host a postal match at your church, go to the NSSP website at "" and check out the instructions on how to organize a postal match. Feel free to take some pictures of your event and send them to the NSSP so we can post them on our Facebook page, which you can find at (Be sure to have signed parental consent forms to post the photos on social media.)

As boys transition from high school to college, shooting sports can provide scholarship opportunities prior to and during college. We hope someday to have one of our Royal Rangers compete in the Olympics, making Royal Rangers and the NSSP proud.

I’ve been involved in Royal Rangers since 1964 as a boy. The skills I have learned from Royal Rangers helped me excel in my chosen career as a police officer. Many of our young men have used the skills they’ve learned from shooting sports to excel in the military and law enforcement careers. Shooting sports isn’t just for these careers choices; it teaches concentration, patience, and the value of practice, which are great assets in any career.

If you have any questions about the shooting sports program of Royal Rangers, feel free to contact me via email.