Camporama Fundraising: Sprint to the Finish

July 17, 2019

When a boy is endeavoring to earn money for something like Camporama, it’s amazing how many adults don’t mind their request at all, especially when the individual (1) asks respectfully, (2) offers to do a chore, and (3) expresses a passionate plea for the opportunity to take place.

Imagine these two scenarios: “Hey, Grandma, I want to go to Camporama. Can you send money?” Or… “Grandma, I have the opportunity to attend an amazing camp this summer that only occurs every four years. Youth come from all over the world, and we have amazing services where we hear powerful speakers and worship God on a giant hill. I would love to be able to earn enough over the summer to pay my full way to camp. I am trying to raise $315.00. Would you have some work you need done that I can tackle?”

In the second scenario, the recipient of the letter is more likely to help in whatever way she can. It’s possible they’ll contribute a sizable amount of funds. They might accept the offer of chore work just to see if the boy would indeed be willing to work for the support. Usually a hard worker reaps a plentiful result.

With today’s social media, an individual can post the above paragraph on their parents’ Facebook page and ask for 16 people to send $20 each to help provide the funds. They might use a sentence like, “If you live nearby and have some chores for me to do to earn the funds, just let me know.”

You can help young men earn money by giving each of them a variety of sodas. Have them put the soda on ice and sell it for $1 a can. They could then use the earnings to buy more soda and earn even more!

Have the boy keep a record of his fundraising efforts the same way a missionary does when raising itineration funds. Use social media, like Facebook, to show how far along he is toward his goal. People who see the record will be reminded that the boy needs funds, and they may decide to help.

Often young men can do summer chores, like raking leaves, picking up trash, or power spraying houses or fences. However, they may be lacking a hose, a rake, garbage bags, or even a power sprayer. If you can secure those items and have boys check them out a week at a time, the young man can go home empowered because he has the right tool.

A good church meal is a great way to raise funds. Have the boys host a sausage roast, a fish fry, a wild game dinner, or a corn on the cob roast. Choose something where you can have all the boys try to get supplies donated. For example, someone may have a lot of fish in his freezer and is willing to donate it. Have the meal before or after a church function. A large amount of money can be raised just by collecting donations for meals.

Crafts can be a good way to raise funds. Find a pattern for a simple bird feeder on the Internet. Advertise like this: “Bird feeders, only $16. Funds will help kids go to Camporama.” After taking orders from people, get your whole outpost together to mass produce them. Try and get as much of the wood donated as you can. Use wood from old pallets. Lumberyards may have scraps you can gather. If you can profit $10 on each of 100 bird houses, a couple days of work will bring in $1,000 or more.

Don’t forget a simple chocolate candy bar sale. Candy bars continue to be very, very sellable. A large candy bar can sell for $2.00. About half of that is profit.

Be sure to show gratefulness to those who give because chances are, next year you’ll need to raise funds for something else.

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