Resources for Working with Boys with Special Needs

March 11, 2020

You arrive to church early to set up for your class when a church leader brings in a new child with his parents and introduces them to you. The parents tell you that their child has autism, so he may not respond to questions or talk to other kids.

  • Are you ready to include this child into your group?
  • Are you confident in your abilities to teach him?

Whether you already have children with special needs in your church or you just want to be prepared, the new Momentum Training Series book, titled Including Children with Disabilities, will help you understand common disabilities and equip you with practical tools so you can teach effectively.

The truth is that you probably already have children in your group who have a special need that you are not aware of. It isn’t necessary to know a child’s diagnosis for you to:

  • Love and include them
  • Teach them effectively about God’s love and acceptance
  • Lead them in a growing relationship with Jesus

Working with children with special needs in the church setting requires some training, but it’s more about your willingness to use your gifts and to acknowledge that the Lord will equip you with the grace and wisdom you need to teach and love your students well.

Visit to order the book and receive the training PowerPoint (equipped with teacher notes and workshop activities). Additionally, the Assemblies of God Special Needs Ministry Facebook group is designed for church leaders to support one another regarding ministering to individuals with special needs. It’s a safe place for leaders to ask each other questions and share their experiences.