Next Three Months in Training

March 11, 2020

The 1st quarter of national training was quiet at least for us. We had three WCOs to kick the year off. The 2nd quarter, however, is ramping up quickly. In April, we have back to back JBEIs on opposite coasts. Is it time to renew? Maybe you’ve never attended a JBEI. Now is your chance.

Don’t let a camp get canceled because you were waiting to see if it is a “GO.” You could be the one to make it happen. Register now!


  • WCO03-04 @ The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, AL
  • WCO 17-18 @ City Church in Binghamton, NY
  • WCO 17-18 @ Lakeshore Church in Covington, LA
  • JBEI17-18 @ Templo Calvario Church in Santa Ana, CA
  • JBEI24-25 @ Glad Tidings Church in Dunn, NC


  • NEEC 08-09 @ Roxbury Holiness Camp in Orrstown, PA
  • NRMC 15-17@ Agape Wilderness Retreat in Bedford, KY


  • WCO05-06 @ The Grace Place in Arlington, TX

For more information on these training events, refer to our national training page. To register for an event, visit our schedule page.