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Ranger Derby Car Kit

Item # 187540



Contains all necessary parts for a basic car—soft wood (pine) body, black plastic wheels, axles, and screws.

Steering Wheel

Item # 177399



Wooden steering wheel attaches to car with a screw (included) and turns.


Item # 177400



Come in pairs ready to paint and glue on to car.

Strip Weight

Item # 175958



Specially designed weights bring derby cars up to maximum race weight. Approx. 2 oz.

Combo Weight

Item # 175959




Combo Weights are easy to install. Drill a 3/8" diameter hole in the car. Place the flat side of two weights together to make round weight and install the weight in the hole. Fill hole with body putty, sand when dry, then paint. You can also attach weight(s) to the side of car. Cut off the weight you need, keeping car as heavy as race rules allow. Made of a lead-free alloy. Approx. 0.5 oz. (14.1 g) each.

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