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Ranger Kids Bolo Tie

Item # 087112



Yellow cord bolo tie with gold-plated tips and adjustable, enamel-faced Ranger Kids logo. Can be worn by leaders or boys.

J.B. Beaver Puppet

Item # 198000




This 13 inch Ranger Kids puppet features soft fur, detailed clothing, and an unforgettable face. J.B. Beaver scripts are written into Ranger Kids lesson plans available via the Royal Rangers® TRaCclub online curriculum.

Product Details

Size: 13 in. high
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: September 6, 2002

Ranger Kids Emblem Patch

Item # 157208



One more patch to let people know your boys' placement in Ranger Kids. Worn on the Navy Awards vest. Embroidered.

3 1/4" x 2 1/4"

Ranger Kids Handbook

Item # 022115



Designed for boys and their parents. Provides uniform information and requirements and check- off lists for all Ranger Kids Advancement Trails and achievement awards. Also features a chapter summarizing the story of the Bible—a great evangelistic tool for parents who are not in the church.


  1. Learning about Royal Rangers
  2. The Ranger Kids Advancement Trail
  3. Ranger Kids Achievement Awards
  4. Ranger Kids Uniforms
  5. Your Royal Rangers Outpost
  6. Safety and the Great Outdoors
  7. You and the Bible
  • Ranger Kids Advancement Logbook
  • Patch and Pin Placement Guide
Paper, 5¼ x 8½", 128 pages.

Ranger Kids Group Tag

Item # 157209



Embroidered tag designating boy’s placement in Ranger Kids. Worn on Utility uniform. 7/8 x 4"

Ranger Kids Advancement CD

Item # 281549




A little toe-tapping will go a long way in helping your Rangers learn their advancement requirements. Includes all 9 required songs. And just to make it really worth your while, we've also tossed in the pledges, motto, code, meaning of the RR emblem, and all 28 Ranger Kids memory verses. Split-track.

No Returns on opened electronic media unless defective.

Product Details

Format: Audio CD
Size: 5½ x 5 in.
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: August 31, 2005

Digital Download Also Available

RR Ranger Kids Advancement Logbook

Item # 022160



Boys will be able to keep track of all advancements with this handy logbook. Contains the required advancements and stickers to mark what has been completed along the advancement trail.

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