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WANTED: Mentors!

Often commanders need help in their outposts but are not sure how to ask for it. The path of least resistance is typically putting something in the church bulletin. This is a good idea but does not always bring the desired results. I know because I have put many inserts in bulletins that sounded like these:  

“Want to be a positive example and influence in a young boy's life? Royal Rangers invites you to be a leader or helper for the Discovery Rangers (grades 3-5).  If you are interested in working in any area of Rangers, please contact ____."
"We need caring and patient individuals to work with boys in K-2nd grade.  If you are willing to Reach, Teach, and Keep young boys for Christ, then please volunteer for this ministry!"

Many times, we get what we ask for. We ask for teachers who do not quite understand the important role they are stepping into. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a teacher’s job is to “cause to know something (or know how).” A mentor on the other hand is “a trusted counselor or guide.”

Would you rather have someone who causes another to know something (a teacher) or a trusted counselor or guide (mentor) in your outpost? While Jesus was certainly a teacher, He held a much more important role with His closest disciples; He was a mentor. We need mentors who, as part of what they do, teach in our outposts. However, teaching alone does not define their role! 

What if the next time you saw (or placed) a bulletin insert that read:

“Wanted: MENTORS to help evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men in the world’s premiere, most sought after church ministry to future men—period! For more information, please come to an informational meeting at ____________.”      

Now that’s a ministry I want to be a part of!