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Royal Rangers E-Books

Royal Rangers utilizes a combination of print and electronic curriculum components to achieve the optimum balance between flexibility and availability.  Most of our curriculum is made available online through TRaCclub, our online resource delivery system, while some components are available in print or e-book format for ease of use.

All boys handbooks, the Royal Rangers Leader Manual, and the Guys Journey to Manhood and Leadership books are currently available in both print and e-book format.  The Leader Manual is available in both English and Spanish e-book formats.

Printed handbooks are available through the Rangers Online Superstore.  E-books must be purchased online through the distributors identified below.

These e-books represent the same handbooks as the print versions, but in a more portable format for use on e-book readers, smartphones, and tablet computers.  With the growing popularity of books on electronic devices these e-books will allow leaders, boys, and parents to take these valuable reference tools with them wherever they go.

These books represent just another tool for resourcing local Royal Rangers leaders to influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever!


Item GPH
& Noble

Ranger Kids Handbook 022115 Kindle Nook iBooks
Discovery Rangers Handbook 020615 Kindle Nook iBooks
Adventure Rangers Handbook 020616 Kindle Nook iBooks
Expedition Rangers Handbook 020617 Kindle Nook iBooks
Royal Rangers Leader Manual - English 020707 Kindle Nook iBooks
Royal Rangers Leader Manual - Spanish NA* Kindle Nook iBooks
A Guys Journey to Manhood 020618 Kindle Nook iBooks
A Guys Journey to Servant Leadership 020619 Kindle Nook iBooks
Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship Handbook 020540 Kindle Nook iBooks


Remember - you don't have to own a Kindle, a Nook, or an iPhone/iPad to read books in these formats.  Free apps for smartphones & tablet computers are available to enable you to read these books on other devices, including PCs and MACs.  You can find these apps online or in your device's app store.

*Royal Rangers Leader Manual-Spanish is not currently available as a printed manual.