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Advancement Transition Deadline Passed

With the start of a new year, the Royal Rangers advancement system is now one step closer to being fully migrated from the old 2002 system to the new 2010 system. In March 2010, a number of significant changes were announced to the structure and core requirements for advancement in the Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers. These changes were initially represented in the 2010 Leader Manual but are now also reflected in the updated handbooks for Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers.

In order to allow ample time for outpost to transition to the new system and to prevent boys from needing to transition in the middle of an advancement trail, the old advancement system was extended through the end of 2012 (or May 2013 for Expedition Rangers). This deadline allowed for all boys to complete the advancement trail in their current age group under the old system and then easily transition to the new system once they moved up to the next age group. By this date, all Discovery and Adventure Rangers should be advancing and submitting award applications under the new 2010 system. Award applications under the 2002 system are no longer being accepted (except for Expedition Rangers, which have until May 2013 to complete their advancement trail).

The new advancement system is easier to understand and provides greater flexibility and choice for boys and leaders, enabling them to work together on merit topics of interest to their group. It also includes leadership development and service as core elements of the advancement process in order to more directly achieve the objectives of the Royal Rangers program—to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

More information can be found on the national Royal Rangers web site on the “2010 Advancement System Changes” page.