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Winter Program Ideas

By John Hicks

The warm summer days are now gone and winter is upon us. But the fun and adventure of Royal Rangers doesn't need to come to an end just because of cold weather. Your weekly meetings and regular activities can continue to be a source of fun, friendship, and excitement for guys-regardless of the season or the weather.

With over 200 merits available, the Royal Rangers advancement system provides a variety of activities for your group to choose from, many of which can be great for indoor cold-weather days.

For the more creative guys in your group, consider the Art merit, Models & Design merit, or the Hobby merit. All of these provide great opportunities to develop your art skills and get creative. The materials are generally low cost and can be suitable for any skill level.

If your guys tend to enjoy more physical activities, consider Basketball, Skateboarding, or Darts merits. These merits provide the more energetic guys with healthy activities they can do with their friends while enjoying the camaraderie of great times together.

If your guys are more of the "fix it" type, check out some of the more hands-on merits-such as Carpentry, Home Repair, or Leathercraft. These merits can help guys develop valuable skills they can carry with them for years to come. And they can be a lot of fun too.

When planning your winter program of activities, keep in mind that your options are not limited to activities that involve merits. Take time to enjoy a Monday Night Football game together or take a trip to your local video arcade. If you've got snow in your area, go sledding or build a huge snow castle. Regardless of what you do, make sure to include times of prayer and encouraging one another along the path to Christlike manhood. We're all in this process together.

Yes, winter may be upon us, but the adventure of the Christlike life never ends for those hearty souls that are willing to seek it out. What adventures will YOU find this week?