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Trappers Brigade & Arrowhead Merit Updates

May 23, 2017

In the spring of 2014, a new handbook was released for the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF). This new handbook featured several significant changes to the FCF program, including an update to the Trappers Brigade and the release of a completely new series of advanced FCF skill merits known as "arrowhead merits." FCF members who completed the requirements for a specified number of arrowhead merits would receive a series of Arrowhead Medallions.

Since these initial changes were released, a review of the process was conducted to insure the changes made were clearly communicated and were achieving their intended purpose. As a result, the need for minor updates was identified and have now been implemented.

Trappers Brigade Update

In addition to the four categories previously identified for which members could earn Trappers Brigade points, an additional category entitled "Other" has been added. This change provides greater flexibility by enabling members to earn points for hours of service that do not qualify under one of the four original categories. The number of hours required for each category has also been reduced to make each level more attainable.

Arrowhead Medallions

The number of arrowhead merits required to attain each Arrowhead Medallion has been reduced from four to three (4 to 3). This enables members to earn each of the medallions without the necessity of earning all sixteen (16) arrowhead merits, some of which may be unattainable for some individuals.

These changes are reflected in the latest edition of the FCF Handbook (the 2017 edition) available for purchase from (item #020540).

John Hicks

John Hicks
National Programs Coordinator
Royal Rangers USA