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Red Cross Training

July 28, 2017

The Royal Rangers program is now recognized as an Authorized Provider for American Red Cross training.

Many current outpost leaders carry American Red Cross instructor certification and teach CPR/First Aid classes for their boys, outpost leaders, and church workers. We wish to thank those instructors who have provided this service for Royal Rangers and encourage you to continue. Those who are not certified Red Cross instructors are encouraged to add this to your "toolbox" for reaching the world for Christ.

We have good news for those Royal Rangers leaders who are Red Cross certified instructors! As certified instructors under the Royal Rangers Authorized Providers agreement, you can receive a 10% discount from the Red Cross Store. To receive this discount, you need to complete the following two items: 1) notify Red Cross to be listed under the Royal Rangers agreement and 2) contact the Royal Rangers national office to get the discount coupon code for the ARC Store. To notify the American Red Cross, call their national office (800-RED-CROSS) and let them know that you want to be listed under (or attached to) the Royal Rangers Authorized Provider agreement.

Red Cross CPR/First Aid training can be an outreach to the church and the community. This allows us to become a part of the lives of people in our community by offering local CPR/First Aid classes through the Royal Rangers outpost. It shows our community that Royal Rangers is a practical ministry as well as being a conduit for spreading the gospel of Christ.

Dean Tillman