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October 2008


Have you been wondering about the status of your High Adventure magazine?  Have you noticed that an issue hasn’t mailed since the winter 2007 issue?  Well wonder no longer because here’s the scoop.


In an effort to constantly improve the value of Royal Rangers to boys and leaders in the field many aspects of the ministry have been reviewed and are in the process of revision, including the High Adventure magazine.


For many years the High Adventure magazine has been produced in two editions:  one for boys and one for leaders.  Although this format had some advantages, it also included limitations.  By producing one edition for all boys, Kindergarten though High School, the constant challenge was to produce a magazine that would appeal to such a broad age range of boys.  Subjects that may be appealing to older boys may be completely irrelevant to boys in our younger groups, and vice versa.  The overall value of the magazine to boys was therefore always limited.


For this reason, after much review, the decision was made to replace the magazine with a new publication entitled Rangers NOW which will be produced in five separate editions, one for each age group as well as one for leaders.  This publication will be produced annually in the fall of each year to coincide with the new school year.  The first edition will mail in late fall of 2008 and will be followed each year by a new issue each fall.


It is the ongoing effort of the national office to produce resources that will best met the needs of the local outposts in their efforts to reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ.


John Hicks

National Communications Coordinator