Next Three Months in Training

Training tends to slow down in the winter, yet we still have five national training events from December through February. Let me encourage you to schedule your first national training event or possibly the next one on your list.

Organizational Leaders: We have a JBEI scheduled in December in Pace, FL.

Time is running out to register for these training events. If you have been waiting, wait no longer. Register now!


  • JBEI - 12/8/17 to 12/9/17 @ Pace AG in Pace, FL


  • WCO - 1/12/18 to 1/13/18 @ First AG in San Antonio, TX
  • NEEC - 1/12/18 to 1/13/18 @ Camp Wilderness in Ft. Mead, FL


  • WCO - 2/16/18 to 2/17/18 @ Bethel Church in Temple, TX
  • WCO - 2/23/18 to 2/24/18 @ The Rock Church in Grand Junction, CO

For more information on these training events refer to our national training page. To register for an event, visit our schedule page.