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Local Outreach

The most important role a Royal Rangers group can play in its community is to share the message of Christ in a way that is clear, Biblical, and appealing to boys and young men.  A Royal Rangers group can never accomplish its central purpose unless it is actively pursuing a plan to attract new boys through a diversified program of activities while sharing with them the gospel message.

Royal Rangers has long been one of the most effective tools for reaching boys outside the church community.  Countless church leaders can testify of how Royal Rangers has attracted boys to the church who may never have come for any other program.  But in order to be fully effective local group leaders must be intentional in their efforts in reaching boys.  Here are just a few of the common methods used by Royal Rangers groups to reach boys:

Ranger Derby

Pinewood Derby

Ranger Derby (formerly Pinewood Derby) has long been a favorite of Royal Rangers.  By providing men and boys of all ages a fun craft and an exciting competition strong positive relationships are built that can last a lifetime.

Father & Son Campout

Camping continues to be a popular activity for many boys, and father & son camps can build great memories.  These events can be an excellent “first step” in bringing new men and boys into your church community.

Sports Demonstrations, Clinics, and Camps

In our culture today, sports has become a fundamental part of life.  Many boys take great interest in refining their skills in their favorite sport.  Royal Ranger groups that provide boys with opportunities to broaden their skill, or just practice skill they’ve already got, can be very attractive to many boys.

Concerts & Dramas

For many boys, music and drama provides an avenue for showcasing their skills while having a great time with friends.  And these kinds of events can be a great way to reach new boys with similar interests.

Auto Checkups & Maintenance Clinics

For many teen boys, getting a drivers license and buying that first car can be an accomplishment like no other.  But basic vehicle maintenance can often be confusing and frustrating to the unprepared.  Auto maintenance clinics can provide older boys with valuable skills while creating an easy entrance to the group.


Local outreach can be accomplished in these as well as a great many other ways.  Local groups are encouraged to utilize methods that are most effective in reaching the boys and young men of thier schools and communities.