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Chartering FAQ

The following represents the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we receive on chartering.  This information will be updated periodically as new questions arise.  If you have questions that are not covered here please feel free to contact us at

What if we start a new outpost* outside the chartering period and need to charter? Can I charter right away, or do I need to wait until the next chartering period?

You may charter right away. There is no need to wait until the next chartering period. As a new outpost, you will pay a prorated amount if you charter outside the chartering period. This amount is prorated from the date you charter until August 31. *A new outpost is defined as an outpost that has never chartered or one that has not chartered in the last five years. All chartering benefits expire on August 31.

We are an existing outpost and chartered outside the annual chartering period (August 15 – October 31). Do we pay a prorated amount?

No. Existing outposts that do not fit the definition of a new outpost* above pay a full amount to charter, regardless of when they charter. Existing outposts that charter outside the annual chartering period are not guaranteed copies of Rangers Now or the Outpost Promotional Kit. If you are an existing outpost, it’s always best to charter between August 15 and October 31 each year. All chartering benefits expire on August 31.

How will the role of chartering coordinator change with the implementation of online chartering?

The role of the chartering coordinator is more important now than ever before. It is a role that will no longer focus on the collection and processing of paperwork and checks. Instead, it morphs into a role of speaking with leaders from churches about Royal Rangers and our new chartering benefits. A district’s chartering coordinator will work more closely with currently chartered outposts to remind them to re-charter so they continue to enjoy ALL of the great benefits of chartering. Another extremely important role is working with the district staff to develop strategies to charter more churches in the district!  We never want to lose the personal touch district Royal Rangers leaders have with their churches. Online chartering allows one more person, the chartering coordinator to help with the personal touch! The chartering coordinator will still remain the chartering expert in the district!

What information will be needed to charter online?

To charter online, you will need to have the folloiwng information on hand:

  • Church name, address, phone number, and GPH account number
  • Name of your district
  • Name and contact information of all leaders including leadership position, address, phone number, and e-mail
  • Number of adult leaders
  • Number of Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers

How do we pay for our charter fees?

Online chartering conveniently allows the use of a church’s or individual’s payment card. If check payment is preferred, a $15 processing fee will apply to mail in check payments.

Can our church use its Gospel Publishing House (GPH) account number to pay our outposts charter fees?

As the Assemblies of God publishing house, GPH is responsible to sell products. Since Royal Rangers charter is not a product but a service, the General Council accounting system will not charge these fees against a churches GPH account number. This policy predates online chartering. The GPH account number required during the online chartering process is used primarily for the purpose of identifying the church.

Does my church have to charter every boy and leader?

Yes, every boy and leader should be chartered.

How many leaders and boys are required to charter an outpost?

A minimum of (2) leaders and (3) boys are required to charter a new outpost or renew an existing charter. Two leaders are required in order to adhere to the "2-leader rule" of child/youth supervision. A minimum of three boys are required in order to allow for boy leadership opportunities within the outpost, which serves as one of the core features & objectives of the program.