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The Utility Uniform

The Utility Uniform is the standard uniform for all age groups and leaders.  The style and design of this uniform makes it comfortable and suitable for regular active use.  The Utility Uniform is defined as consisting of the following elements:

Undershirts, awards vest, headgear, and belts are optional, unless otherwise specified for a particular event or setting.  If an undershirt is worn, no specific color is required.  Official RR black web belt must be worn when wearing RR tactical pants, and tactical pants must be worn when wearing the uniform in pin format (see below).  Footwear should be appropriate for the activity, although black footwear & black socks are recommended when wearing the RR tactical pants.

The Utility Uniform may be worn in two different configuations - PATCH format or PIN format.

Patch Format

PATCH Format

This format most effectively utilizes the unique benefits of the utility uniform (comfort, durability, and suitability for active use) and is the recommended format for most settings.

  • Only patches may be worn.  No pins such as award ribbons, medals, name tags, FCF pins, or missions support insignia are worn.
  • Shirt may be worn tucked in or untucked (wearer’s choice)
  • Sleeves may be worn down or rolled up (wearer’s choice)
  • Bolo tie is optional (unless tucked in) (wearer’s choice)
  • FCF or RRA membership is represented by a patch worn above the right pocket.
  • Organizational leadership positions are represented by a patch insignia worn on the collar.
Pin Format

PIN Format

This format enables the wearer to convert the uniform to a style more suitable for formal occasions, such as award ceremonies.

  • Both patches and pins are worn.
  • Shirt must be worn tucked in.
  • Sleeves must be worn down (i.e. not rolled up)
  • Bolo tie is required (wearer’s choice as to style)
  • FCF membership may be represented by either a patch or a pin worn above the right pocket, at the user’s discretion.  RRA membership may be represented by a patch above the right pocket or a pin above the left pocket.
  • Organizational leadership positions may be represented by either patch or pin insignia worn on the collar, at the users discretion.



Detailed information relating to patch and pin placement on the Utility Uniform may be found on the Patch & Pin Placement Guide.