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Bible Reading Plans

Personal devotionals and regular Bible reading serve as essential parts of any Christian’s spiritual development, and in Royal Rangers, we encourage every leader and boy to make Bible reading a consistent, regular part of their daily life.  Many tools are available to help in guiding and tracking a person’s Bible reading.  Many study Bibles contain a unique reading plan, as well as various web sites or daily devotionals.  Royal Rangers are encouraged to select a Bible reading program that best suits their needs and follow it faithfully.  The following sources represent options you may want to consider in selecting a Bible reading plan.

ONE YEAR PLAN:  Bible Reading Merits

The blue Bible Reading merit and the green Bible Reading merit both contain reading plans whereby the entire Bible can be read in one year.  This Bible reading plan is the same for both merits and can be found here as well as in the merit activity guides for both of these merits, available through TRaCclub.

TWO YEAR PLAN:  FIRE Bible – Student Edition

The FIRE Bible – Student Edition features a two-year Bible reading plan whereby an individual would read the entire Old Testament in year 1 and the entire New Testament in year 2.  Specific daily reading assignments can be found at the end of the introductions to each book.  A brief introduction to this plan can be found on page 18 in the front matter of the FIRE Bible.  The plan can also be found online on the Fire Starters page.  Fire Starters are daily devotionals designed for use with the FIRE Bible but suitable for use with any Bible, and each devotional includes a daily Bible reading segment.



THREE YEAR PLAN:  iDiscipleship

iDiscipleship is an interactive online forum promoting personal spiritual growth through regular Bible reading and discussion within a local, small-group community.  Individuals are enrolled through their local group and are able to track their reading progress online, maintain a personal journal, participate in discussion groups with others in their local group, as well as an international discussion forum.  iDiscipleship provides a Bible reading plan that enables individuals to read the entire Bible using either a standard 6-year plan or a quicker 3-year plan.  Information on iDiscipleship can be found online at