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Advancement Restrictions

Although the Royal Rangers advancement system provides for a great deal of flexibility, some limitations apply in relation to the manner in which advancement awards may be earned or merits applied.

  1. Any boy may earn any merit from any type or color category but he may only earn advancement steps for the age group his is currently a member of, as well as the previous group.  For example: an Adventure Ranger can earn advancement steps for Adventure Rangers and Discovery Rangers, but not Expedition Rangers or Ranger Kids.
  2. All merits earned and counted for advancement must meet the color categories and types prescribed for that advancement.  Merits may NOT be substituted from one color category to another, or from one type to another (i.e. leadership merits cannot be counted as skill or Bible merits, green merits cannot be counted as blue or silver, etc.)
  3. Merits may not be counted for advancement more than once.  Merits used in satisfying requirements for one advancement step may not be used again for another step, including steps in subsequent age groups.
  4. Merits earned and NOT counted for advancement in the boy’s current age group MAY be used for satisfying advancement requirements in subsequent age groups.
  5. Advancement awards may only be earned by boys.  They cannot be earned by adult leaders. Once a boy reaches 18 years of age he must be considered an adult and is no longer eligible for receive boys advancement awards.  Please refer to boy-to-leader transitions for details.
  6. Award applications must be received within 12 months of the date of qualification for the award.