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Special Programs

Although Royal Rangers leaders, boys, and young men share many common interests, variety and diversity are also common.  With these differences in mind the Royal Rangers program features a number of components of special interest to certain types of our membership.  Follow the links below learn more about the special programs offered by Royal Rangers.

FCF Logo Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) is a special program of Royal Rangers that provides men and boys with additional opportunities to develop specialized outdoor skills based on the lore and traditions of the early American frontiersmen. FCF members participate in special events like Rendezvous where frontier skills are demonstrated and practiced. Competitions are included that promote the development of these skills and reflect the excitement, color, and flair of frontier America. Additional information can be found on our Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) page.

Royal Rangers Alumni is an auxiliary program seeking to provide members with opportunities for ongoing service to the Royal Rangers program in positions outside the local outpost.

Outpost ROTY

The Outpost Ranger of the Year program provides special recognition to boys who have shown exceptional achievement and progress through their participation in Royal Rangers. For forms and information on Outpost Ranger of the Year, click here.

The NSSP is a Special Program of the Royal Rangers that supports the mission and purpose of Royal Rangers while promoting a safe and rewarding shooting sports experience for all.  Click here for more information.

National Championships

The National Championships program provides boys and leaders the opportunity to compete in competitions with other rangers all across the country.  Any Royal Rangers leader or boy may participate.  Results are tabulated each year and winners receive a special certificate in recognition of their accomplishments.  For more information, click here.
Ambassador Logo

Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Program

In June of each year, the National Shooting Sports Program of Royal Rangers, in cooperation with Brownells and the National Rifle Association Youth Programs, accepts applications for the position of Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador for the following calendar year, representing Royal Rangers at a national level. For more information click here.
Together Plan RR & NGM Together Plan - Due to limitations on staffing and the number of young people involved in many Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries programs in smaller churches, many churches have expressed an interest in conducting their Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries programs together.  In order to provide these churches with guidelines for conducting such cooperative programs the National Royal Rangers Department and the National Girls Ministries Department have jointly created the "Together Plan".  For more information on the details of this plan, click here.