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Click on the links below to access a variety of resources to support your Royal Rangers ministry.  If you are in need of a resource not listed here contact the national office at

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Terms of Use

Use of the Royal Rangers resources found here are intended for the promotion and operation of the Royal Rangers ministry and may be restricted in use in some circumstances.  Click here for more information.

Recommended Resources for Leaders

These resources have been specifically selected to assist you in understanding today's boy, building your Royal Rangers ministry, and improving your effectiveness as a leader.

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Boy Scout (BSA) Transition Resources

Last Updated: 6/9/16

Advancement transition plan for BSA.

Chartering Information

Last Updated: 3/16/15

Charter information and applications. Select...

Curriculum Samples

Last Updated: 10/14/15

These files represent sample curriculum...

Missions Resources

Last Updated: 3/24/17

Royal Rangers partners with a number of...

National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP)

Last Updated: 2/5/16

These files relate to the Royal Rangers...

Outpost Ranger of the Year Information

Last Updated: 11/15/12

These documents relate to the Outpost...

Patch & Pin Placement Guides

Last Updated: 9/5/13

Refer to these patch & pin placement layout...

Print Articles

Last Updated: 11/9/16

These articles provide helpful information on...

Product Information

Last Updated: 9/8/16

Check out these links for additional...

Program Planning

Last Updated: 2/26/10

This is the Annual Planning Retreat checklist...

Program Resources

Last Updated: 7/28/17

Get the latest national Royal Rangers news and...

Promotional Resources

Last Updated: 3/27/17

These files represent promotional and...

Rangers NOW Resources

Last Updated: 8/14/17

These resources relate to Rangers NOW, the...

Royal Rangers-Girls Ministries Together Plan

Last Updated: 11/7/14

These materials are provided for use when...

TRaCclub Resources

Last Updated: 7/15/15

These resources are for use in relation to