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Outpost Leader Advancement Levels

Revised 10/14/14

Four training advancement levels are available for adult leaders to earn. Each level includes training elements and practical application requirements called “tickets.” The training elements are completed during the training event. The practical application requirements are fulfilled by the leader after completion of the training element. The individual leader completes these requirements by the honor system. It is recommended that these requirements be completed within six months of taking the training elements.

Ready Level
  • READY Level Information
  • READY Level Application
  • Safety Level
  • SAFETY Level Information
  • SAFETY Level Application
  • Trained Level
  • TRAINED Level Information
  • TRAINED Level Application
  • Advanced Level
  • ADVANCED Level Information
  • ADVANCED Level Application
  • 120 x 40 px
  • Medal of Excellence Information
  • Medal of Excellence Application
  • The training elements do not have to be taken in any specific order. As training elements are available to you, take them so you don’t delay your training process.  For example, if Ranger Essentials is available before Ranger Basics, or First Aid/CPR before you take Ranger Safety online or classroom course, take the available course. Also, if WCO is available before NRMC or NEEC, take it.

    Continuous Learning Opportunities or Action Camps should also be taken when available to you. The important thing is to obtain training and improve your leadership skills. Keep track of your training and fill in the gaps as training is available until you have completed all four Outpost Leader Training Levels.  You can earn the Safety Level before the Ready Level but both are required before you can apply for the Trained Level.

    The Rangers Ministry Academy Training Chart provides an overall visual image of the different types of training opportunities either available now or in development.  Answers to common training questions can be found on the Training FAQ page.

    To download resources for training, such as the Think One article, click here.



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