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Updated 10/14/14

A Safety leader has completed the following training elements:

Ranger Safety

Completion of the current "Ranger Safety course" AND a nationally recognized First Aid/CPR certification course.  The "Ranger Safety" course is offered as an online self paced course, it may also be offered in a classroom setting by certified instructors in the district.  The First Aid/CPR course may be completed through any nationally recognized qualified organization such as the American Red Cross, the Green Cross, or the American Heart Association.  The course must include demonstration and evaluation of the skills learned in a practical exercise in front of a live instructor.

Safety Ticket

The Safety Ticket represents practical applications leaders must complete to put into practice the things they have learned in the Ranger Safety and the First Aid/CPR course.  All pratical applications must be completed after January 1, 2009.

To complete the Safety Ticket leaders must...

  1. Plan and conduct an outpost activity with the help of junior leaders with a focus on applicable safety measures.
  2. Read the booklet Preventing Child & Substance Abuse and review the included discussion questions with a group of boys and/or parents.


Upon completion of these elements a leader is eligible to complete the Safety Leader Advancement Level application. Submit the application with the required district signature verifying completion of the specific training elements and receive your Safety Leader Advancement Level patch (to be worn on the right sleeve of the uniform shirt). For more detailed information on uniforms and patch placement, go to the uniform page.

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