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The Trained Leader has completed the Ready and Safety Levels as well as the following training elements:


Attend and complete either the National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC) or the National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC)

Trained Ticket

The Trained Ticket represents practical applications leaders must complete to put into practice things they have learned or been introduced to in the Outpost Leader Advancement training or NRMC or NEEC.  All pratical applications must be completed after January 1, 2009.

To complete the Trained Ticket leaders must...

  1. Personally present the gospel to at least one boy (previous presentations do not apply).
  2. Participate in teaching and/or facilitating the instruction of a leadership merit and its correlating service/ministry project. This requirement does not apply to Ranger Kids leaders. A service/ministry project using the patrol method as it applies in Ranger Kids is required instead.

Upon completion of these elements a leader is eligible to complete the Trained Leader Advancement Level application. Submit the application with the required district signature verifying completion of the specific training elements and receive your Trained Leader Advancement Level patch (to be worn on the right sleeve of the uniform shirt). For more detailed information on uniforms and patch placement, go to the uniform page.


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