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Training FAQ: National Training Events

Revised 11/19/12

Can I attend a national training event before I have completed or taken any of the Outpost Leader Advancement Level courses?

Yes, take training when it is available to you. You can take the National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC), the National Elementry Education Conference (NEEC), and the World Class Outpost Seminar (WCO) at any time or in any order.

What national training events are open to both genders?

World Class Outpost Seminar and National Elementry Education Conference are open to both adult genders. The National Rangers Ministry Camp is for adult males only, as it is a camping environment.

Can older boys attend national training events like NRMC, NEEC, or WCO?

National training events have a minimum age requirement of 18 years by the start date of the event. No exceptions can be made for this requirement.

What uniform do I need for attendance at national training events like National Rangers Ministry Camp, National Elementary Education Conference, or World Class Outpost Seminar?

The local church may determine the uniform option of choice for your outpost.  You will be requested to bring at least one of the approved uniform options as outlined on the uniforms page of this site. There may be “recommended” options for some training events, but you will not be required to purchase a specific uniform option for a particular national training event.