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Training FAQ: Outpost Leader Adv. Levels

Revised 11/19/12

As I complete the steps of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels—Ready, Safety, Trained, and Advanced—how far back can I go for the practical application requirements?

You may only count requirements completed after January 1, 2009. This only applies to the practical applications and not previous modules taken or national training events completed. 

What advancement patches can be placed on the right sleeve of the uniform?

Leaders may place the Outpost Leader Advancement Level patches (Ready, Safety, Trained, or Advanced) or the Organizational Leadership Training Level patches (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) ½ inch below the outpost numerals.

These are the only patches to be placed in this location. Training event patches are to be worn on the left pocket or the awards vest. More information can be found on the uniform page.

How many advancement patches can leaders wear at one time?

The Ready, Safety, and Trained advancement level patches come with Velcro footprints. As each is earned, it can be worn until all three are displayed on the uniform. The first patch will be ½ inch below the outpost numerals. When the Advanced patch is earned, the first three patches are replaced by the Advanced patch.

The Advanced level is a prerequisite to the Organizational Leadership Training Levels.

Only one set of advancement level patches may be worn at a time. Once the Bronze level patch is earned the Advanced patch is removed. More information can be found on the uniform page.

What qualifies as a Ranger Kids service/ministry project as defined in the Trained Level practical application requirements in the Outpost Leader Advancement Level. “A service/ministry project using the patrol method as it applies in Ranger Kids is required instead.”

RK material has built in service/ministry projects information appropriate to the age group. RK Handbook pages 49, 51, 52, &56 and the RK Program Introduction (on TRaCclub) pages 4, 12, & 20 has information about service projects via Achievement Awards of Church Helper, Community Helper, and Help a Neighbor. There is also the commander choice award that could be used as a community/ministry service project. So by using the RK material a boy or group of boys could complete several service projects while in his/their age group.

Where do i find out more information about onine training, specifically the Ranger Safety course?

Go to the General Training Info link under the Training Drop Down List on the Royal Ranger home page.