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Training FAQ: Medal of Excellence

Revised 11/19/12

How can I earn the Medal of Excellence?

Leaders are required to complete the four levels of Outpost Leaders Advancement and take at least one boy on a journey culminating in the earning of the highest medal in any of the four Ranger groups. September 1, 2008 is the start date for taking a boy on his advancement journey in his age group.  

How do you define "primary mentor" in the context of the Medal of Excellence criteria?

Within the context of the Medal of the Excellence requirements for leaders, the Royal Rangers definition of a "primary mentor" is one, who encourages, instructs, advises, and guides a boy or young man to complete all levels of advancement in his age group. He encourages attendance at meetings and other church/RR activities and offers feedback on physical, social, mental, spiritual, and leadership development as he aids the boy or young man in building Christlike character. The leader should also be modeling this same Christlike character at all times.

How should you select a mentor for a boy? 

Keep in mind that many times the boy chooses the mentor because he respects and is willing to receive counsel from him. It is usually a leader who not only shows an interest in the boy but has developed a positive relationship (friendship) with them over time. The mentor may be the group leader, assistant group leader, a leader from another group, or an Outpost Committee member.

It is important to consider all the young man’s relationships when selecting a mentor. The young man could already have a relationship with or be developing a relationship with this leader. Once selected, allow the young man to confirm the selection. In private, discuss with him who’s being considered and ask him how he feels. If he has a concern, let him know who else is available and allow him to request another leader. Doing this selection right the first time precludes significant issues later.

If you have two or more leaders in a group and one boy completes his highest level, do all leaders qualify for the MOE?

Only one leader may qualify per boy or young man. We understand more than one leader may be assisting in a boy or young man’s advancements, but having one primary mentor responsible for directing and coaching a boy’s journey through his advancement levels as part of the mentoring process is essential.

What if a leader misses a week here and there and/or a parent helps their son complete some of their requirements?

This is a normal part of working with a boy or young man over an extended period of time. We will not be unrealistic on this issue. This is a matter of honesty and integrity on the part of the leader. Did the leader have the primary mentoring role in the boy or young man’s journey to the highest advancement level?

What about an outpost that breaks age groups up into individual grade groupings (i.e., K, 1, 2 or 3, 4 or 5th grades, etc.) and a leader only works with a single grade before passing the boy on to the next leader? Do all the leaders from each grade get credit for a boy who completes the highest level? 

It would be possible for a leader working with a boy or young man for only one year of his age group to qualify for the MOE if he meets the primary mentor definition.

Also if an outpost had their leader(s) rotate each year with the young men in the age group; they could leverage their relationship in the mentoring process and follow a group of boys all the way through the age group.

They would not qualify for the MOE if they work with a boy or young man one year and pass them on to another leader with minimal contact or influence in his life after that. In other words, they do not meet the definition as primary mentor.

With the boys allowed to complete their requirements for the prior age group in the next one (i.e., Discovery Rangers completing RK Gold Trial, or an Expedition Ranger completing his GMA), does this count toward a leader earning the MOE? 

Yes, if a leader assists a boy or young man to complete all the levels of a prior age group, it would qualify toward the MOE.

How many times can a leader earn the MOE? Is it limited to one boy per age group?

There is no limit to the number of times a leader can earn the MOE. A leader may earn the Medal of Excellence multiple times by mentoring different boys through their advancements.

Can Women leaders earn the (MOE) Medal of Excellence?

Yes. The Medal of Excellence provides recognition to all Royal Rangers leaders who have attained the Advanced level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels (OLAL) and serve as the primary leader helping a boy to achieve his highest advancement award.  Women often serve as this primary influence in a Ranger Kids' life and are eligible to complete all OLAL levels; therefore, they can earn the MOE as Ranger Kids leaders.