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Instructor Training

Updated 1-10-2013


Royal Rangers instructors form the critical link between local leaders and the various aspects of the program. Instructors provide valuable training to equip leaders for success in their various areas of responsibility. The current instructor certification process requires completing the Training Academy (TA), the TA is coordinated and overseen by the Regional Training Coordinator in cooperation with the local district training coordinators.

Training Academy

Training Academy:  The purpose of TA is to nationally certify quality instructors to teach Ranger Basics (RB), Ranger Essentials (RE), and RMA continuous learning electives (cle) in order to ensure that highly competent instructors who reflect favorably on Royal Rangers conduct training. Certification will be provided through the region in cooperation with the local district. The Training Academy will prepare graduates to teach in the Rangers Ministry Academy and will be the prerequisite for attending all other academies.

Basic qualifications for attendance at Training Academy

  • Complete the Advanced level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Level (OLAL)
  • Read the Leader Manual: Inspire the Journey
  • Observe and/or assist at three separate training events (RB/RE or an RMA continuous learning elective)
  • Be recommended by district/network director
  • Score 95% or higher on the Training Academy open resource test (which must be accomplished prior to receiving TA teaching assignment)


Individuals meeting the above requirements may be invited to submit an application to TA by their district/network director and Regional Training Coordinator (RTC). Attendance at TA does not guarantee certification.

National Academy
National Academy is a national training seminar designed to train recommended leaders to become staff members at national training events.
Advanced Academy
National Advanced Academy is a national training seminar designed to train recommended leaders for specialized leadership roles at the various national training events.
Academy Instructor
National Academy Instructor is a member of the instructing staff at a National Academy or Advanced Academy. Serving as an Academy Instructor is by invitation only from the national Royal Rangers ministry.

Training Forms

Instructor Training Class Report

Instructor Recertification Form-Fillable.docx

Instructor Recertification Form-Fillable.PDF

Instructor Recertification Form-NotFillable.pdf

Instructor Recertification Point Matrix.pdf