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Junior Leader Development Academy (JLDA)

Revised 3/01/16

Equipping the next generation of boys and young men involves preparing them for leadership. In Royal Rangers, the process of preparing boys for leadership and engaging them in leadership roles today is an integral part of what we do. The process of training junior leaders currently takes place both within the local outpost as well as at the district level. Both play a vital role in leadership development in Royal Rangers.

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Note: The Junior Leadership material is currently being redeveloped and will be released as it becomes available.


Local Junior Leader Training


District Junior Leader Training


Trail of the Saber


JLDA Philosophy & Overview

Royal Rangers desires to be the best in the world in developing godly servant leaders. With this in mind, quality junior leadership development will be offered through several avenues and methods. There is no instant or "microwave" plan to develop godly leadership. It is a journey that must be taken over the life of a person. The younger a boy starts this journey the better. Good habits and decisions made early in life can keep a person from making bad choices that have consequences that can last a lifetime. They also set a young boy up for early success and blessings as he fulfills all those things God has in store for him. God has a plan for every boy that is far better than anything that he could dream up himself. The sooner he allows God to lead this journey the better.
Junior leadership development must also be designed to allow boys and young men to be successful when they enter their leadership development journey at an older age.

The Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA) is one of the avenues to assist a boy in his journey. It consists of several events held annually that will give boys fun-filled, intentional leadership training, along with powerful spiritual development opportunities. This training experience is designed to be a catalyst and springboard of spiritual encouragement.

The goal of the JLDA is to work in tandem with the leadership merits that are taught on the local outpost level to prepare young men for a gradual, ever increasing role of leadership in their local outpost and beyond. By itself, the JLDA cannot accomplish this. It takes a local outpost with the vision to provide a place of opportunity for challenge and growth. More importantly, it is the local level that allows this opportunity to be a boy-lead adult facilitated ministry.

It is typical that a young man will experience a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ during his training at the Academy. He will learn things about himself and what he needs to do in order to follow the Lord's will for his life. That high sense of spiritual awareness will become infectious to his outpost. The entire outpost will desire to have the same experience; to learn, to advance, and to respond to the challenge of the JLDA. In short, through the JLDA, boys are learning the importance of assuming their role of leadership within their church, thus training other boys to become leaders also!

No single event can accomplish the overall objective of the JLDA. Each event is part of the polishing process that is designed to produce mature young men who are ready to assume increasingly important positions of responsibility in their outpost, church, school, and community. Consider a rough gem that is placed in a rock tumbler. The longer the rock interacts with the other rocks (other boys) and the polishing agent (leaders in the JLDA) in the tumbler, the more polished the final gem (leader in the outpost).

Some of the expected results of the JLDA will be boys:

  • Developing good personal habits that will strengthen their personal relationship with God, and family.
  • Accepting personal responsibility for themselves and others, as well as seeing, evaluating, and meeting the needs of others.
  • Discovering their God given talents and skills to be utilized in serving others.
  • Becoming an active witness to others.
  • Willing to take on challenges for God, living by faith and discovering God's plan for their life, and pursuing it with passion.

Resources to be utilized in the JLDA:

  • Patrol System
  • Patrol of Excellence
  • Royal Rangers Boys Handbooks
  • Royal Rangers Leader Manual
  • A Guy's Journey to Leadership
  • A Guy's Journey to Manhood
  • Junior Leadership Foundations (JLF)
  • Challenge and Teambuilding activities
  • Clifton Youth Strength Explorer Survey
  • Habitudes by Tim Elmore