Charter Membership

Chartering is the annual process by which Royal Rangers outposts register their membership for the coming year. Chartered groups enjoy a variety of unique benefits as noted below. Chartering also provides national, regional, and district leadership teams with valuable information to help them monitor the health of the program and shape its ongoing development and success.

Click here to charter or renew

The annual chartering period runs from August 15th to October 31st each year. Groups may charter at other times throughout the year but all charters expire on August 31st. Chartering is primarily done online, although a mail-in process is available for an additional fee.

The Benefits of Chartering

The following list highlights some of the many benefits chartered groups currently enjoy.

  • 15% discount on Royal Rangers resources purchased through
  • 15% discount on registrations at national, regional, and district events and training classes
  • Access to the Outpost Promotional Kit, a resource enabling you to produce top-quality promotional materials for your outpost
  • An official outpost number to wear on your uniform
  • Inclusion in the search results for the "Outpost Locator" feature on the national web site.
    • New Multisite Church Feature: If your church is a multisite church, click here for more information on how to register as a multisite outpost. All your campuses that have Royal Rangers can appear on the Outpost Locator map.

Charter Fees

Charter fees are paid annually at the time of chartering your group. Fees are based on the number of leaders and boys in your outpost. Standard annual fees are as follows, although fees in some districts may be higher. Contact your district for details.

  • Boys - $11.00 per year
  • Leaders - $13.00 per year

Terms of Use

All churches seeking to conduct a Royal Rangers program must agree to our Terms of Use & Minimum Program Requirements. The national Royal Rangers office reserves the right to deny program use and/or participation privileges to any individual, group, or organization that fails to comply with these terms.


Churches seeking to conduct a Royal Rangers program must attain eligibility under one of the following categories. Please note that due to the fact that Royal Rangers is a church-based ministry, only churches may conduct Royal Rangers programs.

Adding Members to Your Charter

To add members to an existing charter, please submit an Outpost Additional Enrollment Application by mail to the address shown on the application. Adding members is not currently available through the online chartering system.