Color Guard Uniform Accessories

The use of color guard or honor guard teams at special events has become a common practice in Royal Rangers. Color guards teams present the colors (flags) during special ceremonies. Honor guards also serve a ceremonial role yet without flags.

Color guard and honor guard functions can be performed using the standard dress or utility uniforms without the use of any additional uniform accessories. However, if special accessories are desired, they must comply with the parameters defined below in order to maintain consistency across all appearances within Royal Rangers. These are the only approved accessories for use with the Royal Rangers uniform.

These accessories may only be worn by boys (not leaders) during the performance of specific color or honor guard duties. Once the ceremony is completed, they should be removed from the uniform.

Uniform Options

When a Royal Ranger is serving as a member of a Color Guard or Honor Guard, any of the following three uniform options may be used. However, all members of the guard must wear the same uniform:

  • Dress Uniform in pin format
  • Utility Uniform in pin format, worn with Ranger Tactical pants with black shoes or boots, and black socks
  • Ceremonial Uniform (see below)

Ceremonial Uniform Parameters

The Ceremonial Uniform is a modified form of the dress or utility uniform consisting of the following embellishments.

  • Headgear - any of the following may be used
    • Helmet – Parade style, white or chrome finish, with no insignia or embellishments
    • Beret – white Elite JLC or custom color guard team beret (any color)
    • Ball Cap – any official Royal Rangers ball cap or custom color guard team ball cap
  • Gloves – white
  • Belt – 1.25” web style, white with silver buckle, worn in place of the standard black or khaki uniform belt
  • Flag Carrier – white (optional, not used by Honor Guards or by Color Guards raising flags on flagpoles)
  • White parade drill replica rifles or sabers* with white or black frog (carried or worn only by team members not carrying flags)

These items represent the only accessories approved for use with the Royal Rangers ceremonial uniform and may only be worn during the performance of color guard or honor guard duties. Shoulder cords, ascots, leggings, blousing, or any other accessories or modifications not included above are not approved and should not be worn with the Royal Rangers uniform in any setting.

Ceremonial uniforms should only be worn by boys serving in a color guard or honor guard in the performance of their duties.

*Sabers may only be worn by boys who are Trail of the Saber award recipients or graduates of the JLTA. See also Saber Usage Parameters.