Adult Leader Training

Effective adult leader training plays a key roll in insuring the success of the Royal Rangers program. The Royal Rangers program provides many opportunities for leader training, through both district and national training opportunities.

Outpost Leader Advancement Levels

The Outpost Leader Advancement Levels (OLAL) process represents a comprehensive system of adult leader training, combining both district and national training events to equip leaders with the skills they need to be an effective leader in the local outpost. The OLAL process includes four levels of training - Ready, Safety, Trained, and Advanced - providing leaders with a complete knowledge of the tools and resources available to them and their outpost. Details on the OLAL process can be found on the Outpost Leaders Advancement Levels page.

National Camps & Conferences

Conducted under the direction of the national Royal Rangers leadership, national training camps & conferences are held at various locations around the country each year.

Continuous Learning Electives

In addition to the training opportunities noted above, additional "Continuous Learning Electives" are also available. The important thing is to obtain training and improve your leadership skills. Details can be found on the Continuous Learning Electives page.

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