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Royal Rangers FAQ

What church denominations can have Royal Rangers?
Any Assemblies of God church or denomination part of the PCCNA. The list is found at
Other churches may be approved, please contact the National Royal Rangers Ministry. For complete chartering benefits and information, click here.

Can girls and young women join Royal Rangers?
Royal Rangers USA is a mentoring ministry for boys and young men. Our sister organization for girls and young women is Girls Ministries. Learn more about them at

What roles can adult women fill in Royal Rangers?
The National Royal Rangers Ministry is grateful for the involvement of women in shaping future men and recommends the following guidelines: Women in Royal Rangers Guidelines

How many boys and leaders do I need to start an outpost?
The Royal Rangers policy states that there should always be a minimum of two leaders present, so we recommend at least two leaders and any number of boys.

How do I find a Royal Rangers outpost in my area?
Please use our Outpost Locator to start your adventure!

What age groups are part of Royal Rangers?

  • Ranger Kids - Grades K - 2
  • Discovery Rangers - Grades 3 - 5
  • Adventure Rangers - Grades 6 - 8
  • Expedition Rangers - Grades 9 - 12

What is the cost of Royal Rangers?
Basic costs
Chartering: Chartering fees are available at this link (Chartering provides 15% discount on all other products below.)
Leader Manual - Item #020707: $29.50, comes with 2-year free membership to Leader track of TRaCclub

CurriculumTRaCclub (online curriculum)
Rangers Kids: $18/year
Discovery Rangers: $31/year
Adventure Rangers: $31/year
Expedition Rangers: $31/year
Leader: $18/year (supplemental resources for any leader)

Other Curriculum (discounts also available for purchases of 10 or more, can be combination of all books)
Group Handbooks: $12.99

  • Ranger Kids Handbook - Item #022115
  • Discovery Rangers Handbook - Item #020615
  • Adventure Rangers Handbook - Item #020616
  • Expedition Rangers Handbook - Item #020617

Guy’s Journey to Manhood - Item #020618: $12.99
Guy’s Journey to Servant Leadership - Item #020619: $12.99

Uniform – several options are available including:
Special Uniform: $9.49-$15.49
Utility Uniform: $29.99-$37.99
Ranger tactical pants: $30.99-$38.99
Awards vest: $10.99-17.99
Dress Uniform
Leader Training
To learn more about Royal Rangers training, refer to the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels
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Training FAQ