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National Championships


The National Championships program provides boys and leaders the opportunity to compete and receive recognition in competitions involving other rangers all across the country.  Any Royal Rangers leader or boy may participate.  Results are tabulated each year with the winners in each category being announced on this site.  Each winner receives a special certificate and letter of congratulations from the national Royal Rangers office.

The purpose of the National Championships program is…

  • To offer Royal Rangers the opportunity to compete and receive recognition in specialized events at a national level
  • To encourage boys to discover and develop specialized skills or talents in a variety of areas

Postal Competitions

Postal competitions are conducted through the use of outpost, district or regional events held between January 1st and October 31st each year.  Each event must utilize the specified guidelines to qualify.  Results (scores) are mailed to a specified location using official reporting forms where they are compared to other results from throughout the nation. Scores are tabulated and awards are posted and sent to individuals as specified by the event guidelines.

Postal competitions currently include:


Camporama Events

Some National Championships may be conducted at National Camporama or National Rendezvous.  Details concerning any of these events are included in the camporama or rendezvous promotional materials.  These events may include…

Annual Results

Championship results are posted here as the become available.  Results in some years may be incolplete due to limited data avaible.

National Shooting Sports Ambassador Program

In order to promote better communication and participation in youth shooting sport programs, the National Rifle Association (NRA) selects a representative from several major national youth programs to serve as ambassadors, representing thier organization to the NRA.

For more information on this program, click here

To download the 2016 NSSP Ambassador application, click here. Please note that you may need to save the application to your desktop before opening it. To save it, click right on "click here" and choose the "Save Link As" option. Once saved, there should not be a problem with opening the document.