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New Handbooks Now Available as E-Books

The new 2012 Discovery Rangers Handbook, Adventure Rangers Handbook, and Expedition Rangers Handbook are now available as e-books in Kindle, iBooks, and Nook formats.  These new handbooks were released earlier this year in print format and are now available as e-books as well. Printed handbooks are available through the Rangers Online Superstore.  E-books must be purchased online through or, or through iTunes.

National Director Doug Marsh’s new book, A Guy’s Journey to Manhood”, is also available in the same formats form the same sources.

These e-books represent the same handbooks as the print versions, but in a more portable format for use on e-book readers, smartphones, and tablet computers.  With the growing popularity of books on electronic devices these e-books will allow leaders, boys, and parents to take these valuable reference tools with them wherever they go.

These books represent just another tool for resourcing local Royal Rangers leaders to influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever!


Quick Links:

Discovery Rangers Handbook - GPH Print, Amazon Kindle, or Barnes & Noble Nook

Adventure Rangers Handbook - GPH Print, Amazon Kindle, or Barnes & Noble Nook

Expedition Rangers Handbook - GPH Print, Amazon Kindle, or Barnes & Noble Nook

A Guy's Journey to Manhood - GPH Print, Amazon Kindle, or Barnes & Noble Nook


Remember - you don't have to own a Kindle, a Nook, or an iPad or iPhone to read books in these formats.  Smartphone & tablet computer apps are available to enable you to read these books on other devices or desktop computers.  You can find these apps online or in your device's app store.