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Our Core Principles

The Royal Rangers program is defined by our core principles, also known as the "ideals of Royal Rangers".  These principles are represented in our pledge, code, motto, and the points of our emblem.

The Royal Rangers Pledge

With God’s help, I will do my best to serve God, my church, and my fellowman; to live by the Ranger Code; to make the Golden Rule my daily rule.

The Royal Rangers Code

A Royal Ranger is:

  • ALERT - He is mentally, physically, and spiritually alert.
  • CLEAN - He is clean in body, mind, and speech.
  • HONEST - He does not lie, cheat, or steal.
  • COURAGEOUS - He is brave in spite of danger, criticism, or threats.
  • LOYAL - He is faithful to his church, family, outpost, and friends.
  • COURTEOUS - He is polite, kind, and thoughtful.
  • OBEDIENT - He obeys his parents, leaders, and those in authority.
  • SPIRITUAL - He prays, reads the Bible, and witnesses.

The Royal Rangers Motto


Meaning of Motto:  Ready for anything! Ready to work, play, serve, worship, live, and obey God’s Word.

The Royal Rangers Emblem

The design of the Royal Rangers Emblem is based on the points of a compass. This is to remind us to direct our attention toward Jesus. The colors of the points have the following meaning:

  • The four GOLD points represent the four ways a boy grows.  The Royal Rangers program has been designed to help boys grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially, following the example of Jesus Christ in Luke 2:52.
  • The four RED points represent the four core beliefs of the Church: Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing, and the Second Coming.
  • The eight BLUE points represent the eight points of the Royal Rangers Code: Alert, Clean, Honest, Courageous, Loyal, Courteous, Obedient, and Spiritual.


Royal Rangers Emblem


The Golden Rule

“In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”  (Matthew 7:12 NIV).