Information for Leaders

The Royal Rangers program provides opportunities for men and boys to enjoy a variety of fun activities around interests they commonly enjoy. The program is organized into four age groups:

  • Ranger Kids – boys in grades K-2
  • Discovery Rangers – boys in grades 3-5
  • Adventure Rangers – boys in grades 6-8
  • Expedition Rangers – boys in grades 9-12

Most outposts hold meetings weekly, usually on Wednesday or Sunday nights. These meetings typically include Bible studies, games, and special activities based on some kind of skill, such as archery, photography, skateboarding, auto mechanics or carpentry. These activities typically relate to “skill merits”, a type of award that serves as part of the Royal Rangers advancement system.

The advancement system is a sequential process that provides recognition for a boys accomplishments in the program. Boys receive a series of awards as they complete the necessary requirements and earn specified combinations of three types of merits:

  • Skill Merits – awards earned for demonstrating specified skills, as previously described
  • Bible Merits – awards earned for completing a specified number of Bible lessons that help boys explore God’s Word and grow into true Christlike manhood
  • Leadership Merits – awards earned a part of a leadership development process that helps boys become lifelong servant leaders

The awards earned can be displayed on the Royal Rangers uniform or in other ways as determined by your outpost.

Our goal in Royal Rangers is to introduce every boy to what we call the “seven experiences” of Royal Rangers:

  • CONNECT with friends
  • DO fun things with friends
  • GROW in Christlike manhood
  • LEARN new things in interactive ways
  • BELONG to something big
  • LEAD yourself and others
  • SERVE God, your church, and your fellow man

Come join us on the adventure as we mentor the next generation into true Christlike manhood. Let’s hit the trail!

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