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Next Three Months in Training

National training events are conducted throughout the year at various locations across the country. The following link provides a summary of national training events available over the next three months.

Web Site Transition Now Complete

The transition from the old web site to the new site is now complete and live at

Whoever Takes the Son Takes it All

Consider using this message during a devotion time in a weekly meeting or during an event.

Hybrid NEEC in Albuquerque

A National Elementary Education Conference in Albuquerque followed a new format for this type of training event. Take a look at this article to learn more.

Let the Adventure Continue

Experienced leaders realize that one of the most appealing aspects of Royal Rangers is the activities they enjoy outside the weekly meeting. Meetings are important and form the backbone of any Royal Rangers program, but a consistent program of diverse activities will bring energy and excitement to an outpost like nothing else.

History Patch Set

A special set of patches are being issued to fund the creation of a museum at Camp Eagle Rock to house artifacts relating to the history of Royal Rangers.

Remembering Paul Walters

In July of 2018, Paul "Grey Owl" Walters, National FCF President, went home to be with the Lord. His passing will forever be a loss to the Royal Rangers ministry but we look forward to the day when we will see him again on resurrection morning!

National FCF Rendezvous Review

The 2018 National FCF Rendezvous was a great success. Start planning now for Rendezvous 2020.

Chartering & Tithing

Just as tithing supports the work of the local church, chartering funds the Royal Rangers ministry.

Making Merits Interactive

Boys need activity and learn best in an environment rich with hands-on activities and student participation. It is therefore essential that the weekly Royal Rangers meeting be a place where boys are given the opportunity to learn by interactive means and to be directly involved in a variety of physical activities. Consider these suggestions for making your weekly meetings a fun, hands-on experience for boys.

The Importance of Chartering

One of the most misunderstood aspects of Royal Rangers is chartering. We are often asked these questions: Is chartering necessary? Are we required to charter? Why do we need to charter? The answers to these questions may surprise you.

Staff Service Awards Update 2017

For some time, an update to the annual service awards system for organizational leaders has been in process. This revised process is much easier for individual award applicants while maintaining the value of tracking significant data to monitor the health of the program.

East Africa Training Center

National Director Karl Fleig and I will be leading a Pathfinder Team to Kenya in early March 2018 to finish the first floor of the Royal Rangers East Africa Training Center. The team will be doing work like tiling floors, painting the walls, hanging light fixtures, and even building bunkbeds to make the main building fully operational.

Rangers of Hope

The devastation that has come from the recent hurricanes have Royal Rangers groups looking for ways to help those in need. After seeing the news coverage, one outpost decided they wanted to help the Rangers in Puerto Rico.

Christmas Gifts for Royal Rangers

Christmas is coming and now is the time of year when our minds turn to finding ways to show our affection or appreciation to those special friends and family who enrich our lives. If your circle of friends includes a Rangers guy, we’ve got some gift ideas you might be interested in. These could also be worth considering as appreciation gifts to all the Royal Rangers leaders in your outpost as a way of saying thank you for another year of investing in the lives of our boys.

Archery Certification at LEAD Conference

The 2018 National Royal Rangers LEAD Conference will include a Centershot archery instructor’s certification course, provided by our National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) leadership team. This 8-hour course is open to anyone age 18 or older and will provide attendees with Centershot archery certification to enable them to conduct safe archery events in their districts or outposts.

Royal Rangers at General Council 2017

The Royal Rangers program was well represented at the 2017 General Council in Anaheim, California.

Royal Rangers & Scouting: A Program Comparison

The Royal Rangers program is often compared to Boy Scouts of America and it considered by some to be a Christian alternative to Scouting. Although it is true that the two programs share many common features and objectives, they differ in several key ways. Individuals or groups who are familiar with Scouting will find many aspects of the Royal Rangers program familiar. But it would be valuable to be aware of the key differences between the core objectives of the programs.

Kenya Pathfinders Trip

The Royal Rangers national office will host a mission construction trip to Kenya on Nov. 3-11, 2017, as part of our 2017-2018 Catapult 700 mission emphasis. We would be excited to have you on our team!

Annual Program Planning

The Royal Rangers program provides churches with a powerful tool for developing boys into Christlike young men. But as with any program, the full benefits of the program are only achieved as the result of a well-planned and well-conducted process. A systematic process of planning and preparation is therefore essential to the success of any outpost. Consider this as a suggested process for planning your outpost's annual program. The process requires time and effort to complete but it will be time well spent.

Healthy Outposts in Smaller Churches

The central purpose of the Royal Rangers ministry is to equip churches to reach boys with the gospel of Christ and lead them through a process of growth into Christlike manhood. This purpose applies to smaller churches as well as larger ones. The process of mentoring boys into Christlike manhood can take place as effectively in a smaller church as in a larger one, provided the features of a healthy outpost are employed. Consider this as a means for effectively applying the principles of Royal Rangers in a smaller church setting.

Drones in Cincinnati

See how leaders in Cincinnati are using drones to reach boys in thier area.

BGMC Catapult 700 Project

Join us as Royal Rangers from across the country raise funds to launch 700 new Royal Rangers outposts in Africa.

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