Information for Boys

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, you’re in the right place. Royal Rangers is a small-group ministry for guys in grades K-12 that provides a variety of opportunities for fun and adventure as you make new friends, learn new skills, and grow into the man you were created to be.


Our goal in Royal Rangers is to introduce you to what we call the “seven experiences” of Royal Rangers:

  • CONNECT with friends
  • DO fun activities
  • GROW in your relationship with God
  • LEARN new things in interactive ways
  • BELONG to a community of Christlike men
  • LEAD yourself and influence others
  • SERVE others selflessly

These seven experiences are reflected in everything we do in Royal Rangers - meetings, Bible studies, service projects, camp outs, games - everything. The way they are represented is determined by your outpost leaders, and that may vary from one outpost to another. But collectively, these seven experiences represent a process and pathway for growth into true Christlike manhood.

Outpost Structure

The Royal Rangers program within your church is referred to as an “outpost”. Your outpost may consist of one or more of the following age groups:

  • Ranger Kids – boys in grades K-2
  • Discovery Rangers – boys in grades 3-5
  • Adventure Rangers – boys in grades 6-8
  • Expedition Rangers – boys in grades 9-12

Most outposts hold meetings weekly, usually on Wednesday or Sunday nights. These meetings typically include Bible studies, games, and special activities based on some kind of skill, such as archery, photography, skateboarding, auto mechanics or carpentry. These activities typically relate to “skill merits”, a type of award that serves as part of the Royal Rangers advancement system.

Advancement System

The advancement system is a sequential process that provides recognition for your accomplishments as you achieve specific milestone in the program. You will receive a series of awards as you complete the necessary requirements and earn specified combinations of three types of merits:

  • Skill Merits – awards earned for demonstrating specified skills, as previously described
  • Bible Merits – awards earned for completing a specified number of Bible lessons that help you explore God’s Word and grow into true Christlike manhood
  • Leadership Merits – awards earned a part of a leadership development process that helps you become a lifelong servant leader

The awards you earn can be displayed on the Royal Rangers uniform or in other ways as determined by your outpost.

Start Your Adventure Today

If you are looking for an outpost in your area, our Outpost Locator feature can help you find your options. Please note that since Royal Rangers is a church-based ministry, program specifics such as meeting times and locations may vary from one church to another. To learn more about the program at a specific church, we recommend that you contact the church directly using the contact information provided by the Outpost Locator.

If the locator doesn't identify any outposts in your area, it's still possible some churches near you may have Royal Rangers, but their information in our records may be out of date. We therefore suggest that you contact the Assemblies of God churches in your area to ask them if they have a Royal Rangers program.

Additional information on finding an outpost, starting a new outpost, or starting your own personal adventure with Christ can be found on our Getting Started page.

Get ready for an adventure for the days ahead of you will be just that! You will be challenged to grow into the man you were created to be. God created you for a purpose and He has a plan for your life and your future. That plan will lead you into the truest, fullest form of manhood - Christlike manhood!

So let’s hit the trail, and let the adventures begin!

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