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If you are looking for an outpost in your area, our Outpost Locator feature can help you find your options.  Please note however that since Royal Rangers is a church-based ministry, program specifics such as meeting times and locations may vary from one church to another.  To learn more about the program at a specific church, we recommend that you contact the church directly using the contact information provided by the Outpost Locator.

If the locator doesn't identify any outposts in your area, it's still possible some churches near you may have Royal Rangers, but their information may be out of date.  We therefore suggest that you contact the Assemblies of God churches in your area to ask them if they have a Royal Rangers program.

Start Royal Rangers at Your Church

Starting a new Royal Rangers outpost can be an exciting time. For church leaders who understand the value of the program and its potential impact on the lives of boys, starting a Royal Ranger program can be an invigoration experience of dreaming and vision casting of all the wonderful things God will do through your church and program. But as with any new endeavor, the success of your new outpost will depend largely on the foundations you lay during those early days of planning and preparation. Far too often, great ideas and exciting plans later fall by the wayside largely due to inadequate preparations early on.

In order to ensure your program begins will a strong foothold, we’ve created a body of resources to help you get your program started.

Contact Your District Leadership

Royal Rangers districts provide valuable support services to assist you in starting your program. Districts provide leader training at various times and locations throughout the year and conduct periodic events to support the work of the outposts and promote the objectives of the program. The following maps can help you identify your district. Contact information for your district can be found by searching online.

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If you're new to the idea of the Christlike life and would like to know more, take a look at the ABCs of Salvation. It's a great place to start your adventure!