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How to Get Involved

The Royal Rangers program provides many opportunities for individuals and churches to join with us in evangelizing, equipping, and empowering the next generation.  Here are some of the ways YOU can get involved in this life-changing ministry.

Find an Outpost Near You

Individuals connect with Royal Rangers primarily at the local level.  Local Royal Rangers groups are most commonly refered to as "outposts", (although churches may chose alternate titles).  Outposts exist in every state of the USA as well as more than 70 nations of the world.  To find an outpost in your area, use our Outpost Locator search feature or contact us for assistance.  Opportunities abound for involement in this great program.

Start an Outpost

If you are part of a church that does not currently conduct a Royal Rangers program, we're here to help.  Starting a program is as easy as READY, SET, GO!  Click here to learn more about the process of starting an outpost in your area.

Become a Sponsor or Ministry Partner

If your organization or business shares the same values as Royal Rangers and you would be interested in partnering with us financially please contact the National Royal Rangers office at 417-862-2781 or