National Conference

The National LEAD Conference is an annual event for Royal Rangers organizational leaders where the latest program information and updates are announced and where organizational leaders participate in training and leadership development. Outpost leaders are welcome to attend as well. The event also provides many opportunities for leaders to connect with one another, share ideas, and enjoy being a part of the community of Royal Rangers leaders that makes this ministry possible.

National & Regional Conferences for 2022

For 2022 the national LEAD conference will be combined with the regional conferences to provide an experience that is closer to home for most Royal Rangers leaders.  All leaders are encouraged to participate in the conference in their region to get the latest national updates and information as well as connecting with other leaders in their region.  Dates, locations, and other details will vary from one conference to another.  Visit the regional website for additional information about the conference you are planning to attend.

CONFERENCE THEME:  "Together"  (Genesis 11:6)

REGISTRATION:  Visit your regional website for costs & details, or contact your regional leadership




Resource Archive for Past Conferences

Materials related to presentations and workshops at previous LEAD conferences can be found in the staff resources section of this web site.