Catapult 700 Project

Royal Rangers leaders and boys across the United States are excelling in our 2017-18 Catapult 700 objectives:

  • To provide Royal Rangers training and resources in the Swahili language.
  • To equip and build new structures at the Royal Rangers East Africa Training Center (Kenya).
  • To establish the Royal Rangers ministry in seven new nations in Africa.

I’m excited about our increased giving to Master’s Toolbox for the Catapult 700 project. Our giving is up by nearly $50,000 since last year! At the time of writing, over $68,000 has been given to Master’s Toolbox from January to August, which is compared to $18,600 during the same months last year.

I’m thrilled at the compassion and heart our men and boys have for the Catapult 700 project. We regularly get emails or notifications from churches stating they are sponsoring more outposts in East Africa. That’s phenomenal! If we continue at our current rate of giving, we will meet our Catapult 700 goals ahead of schedule.

Thank you to every church, Royal Rangers leader, and young man who has given to the Master’s Toolbox Catapult 700 project. I encourage each of you to stay focused on our goal. Remember, we’re not just starting outposts; we’re changing the destiny of young men in East Africa forever. Let’s keep pushing forward and finish strong!